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AAA + Consulting integrates the main services related to real estate operations, such as residents’ association administration, purchase / sale assistance, providing all the necessary documentation and legal movements.

The experience gained during countless movements has placed us as a benchmark in the islands, providing our clients with optimized work mechanics in order to achieve the maximum return on their investment,

Residents’ association Management

We offer the correct management of residents’ association by providing added values, such as contracting providers, account management and conflict resolution, always with the maximum transparency and updated information about the status of the accounts, future maintenance plans and ongoing actions.

Our customers benefit from the different resources of our company and the constant support of leading real estate consultants, tax advisors, information programs and legal protection.

Below you will find some of the most popular services:

Management, maintenance and conflict resolution services.

Purchase / Sale and real estate investment with information and full guarantee

Legal coverage specialized in real estate law in the Canary Islands.

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