Comprehensive legal advice to companies and professionals

We work to facilitate all operations related to the incorporation of companies to enterprises and entrepreneurship in the Canary Islands, such as the establishment of companies, sales, contracts, etc.

We have a reputable multidisciplinary team, such as the drafting of the legal status of the entrepreneur or merchant, Competition Law: Free Competition and Unfair Competition, Industrial Property Law, Company or Corporate Law, credit titles and securities, obligations and commercial contracts, Banking, Insurance and Financial Market Law, Bankruptcy Law, International Commercial Law or International Business Law

Constitution of Limited Companies, individual or collective, Commercial Registry, etc.
Concentrations and collaborations of companies: groups of companies, etc.
Stock trading, Stock movements, transferability, exchange of securities,  etc.
Commercial purchase and sale, insurance contracts, franchise contracts, agency, collaboration, etc.
Modification or Substitution of the corporate purpose, public deeds, general meetings, etc.
Banking law, abusive, preferential clauses, shares, obligations, IRPH interests, etc.
Patents and trademarks, protection of rights and trademarks, industrial property, utility model, etc.
Structural modifications, mergers, divisions, transformation of companies, global transfer of assets or liabilities, etc.
Civil liability, criminal liability, bankruptcy liability, actions, etc.

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Legal Services

Banking Law

Claims, investments, refunds of Spanish Floor Clauses, etc.

Family Law

Adoptions, divorce, custody, support and pensions, abuse, etc.

Labor Law

Compliance with the obligations of the parties in labor relations.

Corporate Compliance

Control of regulatory compliance and crime prevention in the company.

Bankruptcy Law

Claims, investments, refunds of Spanish Floor Clauses, etc.

Fiscal Law

It establishes taxes, duties and special contributions.

Commercial Law

Merchants, trade acts and derived legal relationships.

Procedural Law and Arbitration

Jurisdictional orders and conflict resolution, such as arbitration or mediation.

Contentious Law

Resolution of conflicts between Administration and citizens

Real State Law

Contracts for acquisition, sale, timeshare, lease, etc.

Criminal Law

Consequences of behaviours that constitute a crime or a fault

Residence and Immigration

Representation before the public administration, courts and tribunals.

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