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We provide the appropriate and necessary tools which may help you to achieve greater and better control over the management of your company, such as the economic-financial diagnosis, the evaluation of management control systems used or the analysis of processes and organizational structure of each professional, company or business group.

We understand that the final objective is to create a “tailor-made suit regarding the needs of each customer.

Optimal results in short and long term, either for occasional clients who promptly request this type of service, or habitual clients who, at any given time, require this service as a complement to those we have already provided.

Organizational and financial services

At AAA + Consulting you will find a complete list of services regarding the creation and management of companies, such as the analysis of financial statements, financial situation reports, forecasts, feasibility plans, budgets, organizational processes, design and implementation of the procedures manual and the design of organizational structures.

Gestión de nóminas, seguros sociales, contratos, finiquitos, etc.

Planificación fiscal y gestión de impuestos ante los órganos competentes.

Especialistas en optimización y control de la contabilidad empresarial.

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